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May 8, 2011 - 2 minute read - Mobile Technology

Is it time to try an Adroid phone now?

I’ve been an IPhone user for loong time. While I did not own the “1G”, I have my 3G for more than two years now. And, to be honest, it begins to show its age. For quite some time, it wasn’t getting any of the new cool stuff in iOS, and iOS version 4 actually should have never been released on iPhone 3G because it makes a lot of stuff run noticeably slower. So, the question is whether to upgrade to iPhone 4.

The biggest advantages of the iPhone right now are: retina display and iOS (again, I believe that it is the best mobile system out there right now). But the rest of the world wasn’t in standstill during the past two years. There are Android based phones that at least on paper look better than iPhone 4 (except for the display, nothing out there can really match it) - fast dual core CPU, more memory, better GPU, better camera, comparable internal flash memory, Flash Player support, NFC chip … iPhone 4 has none of these, and is more expensive. It also is a very safe choice and an upgrade in every way possible over the iPhone 3G I am using right now.

The truth is, I am very used to iOS. I just like it. At the same time I know that buying iPhone 4 right now might not be the best choice. Waiting for iPhone 5 is an option (it will surely feature A5 chip), but seeing the paper-only availability of iPad 2, it’s not very optimistic wait. Even assuming that paper launch will be in June, real availability will be probably in September, and possibly later here in Poland. And that’s assuming Apple would actually launch it in June. By the way, iPad 2 is officially available for more than a month right now in Poland - but good luck buying one at official Apple reseller. They still have waiting list on the damn thing :(

So, in case of a phone, there’s strong possibility of defecting towards Android camp. Not because I want to, but because Apple might not deliver on time. In case I would go for an Adroid device, the new problem arises. Which one?